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Change the status of brick machine industry - fujian huding machinery research and development of high-end static pressure brick

Change the status of brick machine industry - fujian huding machinery research and development of high-end static pressure brick

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  Brick-making machineries are the basic equipment necessary for the production of building materials industry. The heating of the domestic construction industry has led to the vigorous development of the material market of cement bricks and other construction industries. However, there are new opportunities and adjustments in the new situation. The traditional brick-making machine is becoming more and more unpopular, because the noise pollution caused by this kind of brick-making machine is too large, and the vibration will shorten the service life of the machine. The person that is familiar with brick machine also can know, there is a kind of high end product in fire free brick machine, it is static press brick machine, static press brick machine is loved by people, basically is this kind of brick machine does not have traditional brick machine however.
  Fujian tiger ding brick machine to seize the opportunity, develop high-end static pressure brick machine already has three years, to guarantee the quality of the brick machine at the same time, pays attention to improve the efficiency of production equipment, through technical innovation, and upgrade the tiger ding static pressure brick machine equipment highly competitive in the peer products, can not only produce the counterpart can't produce the problem of brick shape, have outstanding performance in mineral smelting industry. According to Mr Tiger tripod mechanical zhigang wang, general manager of tiger ding brick machine is adopted the international advanced welding technology, using high strength steel raw materials manufacturing and become, therefore our quality is looks solid, stable use. Continuous improvement in technology upgrade, according to the market the needs of users, the unidirectional compression technology, upgrade become two-way pressure of hydraulic system; The bidirectional pressurization system is upgraded to intelligent energy storage pressurization mode, which makes its production efficiency double and meets people's demand on production technology.
  The following give you popular science under the static pressure brick machine difference leading block brick machine performance of several aspects:
  Above all, static press brick machine is through strong pressure let cement brick molding, common masonry block molding machine is through vibration and a small part of pressure molding, the noise that vibration produces is much environment influence is very big, because this is a lot of brick factory is produced in remote place, market traffic is very inconvenient.
  Secondly, the static pressing brick machine has high forming pressure, high compactness and high hardness. The produced brick can be piled up by the stacker machine directly, without the maintenance of the supporting plate. The traditional brick building machine requires the cement brick to be placed on the supporting plate for curing to a certain degree of hardness.
  Finally, the static pressure brick machine production is cement block a lot of more phyletic, the machine can produce autoclaved lime-sand brick, archaize brick, stone, brick, brick road, color brick, ordinary cement block, hollow brick, etc., depending on the static pressure brick machine technology and advantages of production technology, but also influenced by national policy, investment in new environmental protection building materials equipment can enjoy different levels of state AIDS policy, thus the brick making machine is very potential brick machine equipment. With the rapid development of new urbanization, the static press is an ideal investment choice for building materials industry.
  Static pressure brick machine in the production of the preparation work in advance, so that many problems encountered in production. The quality of bricks is the most important issue that the customer CARES about, and the mix proportion of raw materials in production is very important! We all know that each kind of raw material in the production is a certain proportion of mixture. The quality problem of some pavement bricks in production is caused by the lack of control of raw materials. Therefore in the production must strengthen the raw material mixing operation attention! According to different raw material proportion methods are different, the characteristics of raw materials must be clearly separated. After the preparation work is done, operators must strictly follow the standards to produce, so as to achieve the output of quality and quantity.