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Installation steps of gear reducer for permeable brick machine

Installation steps of gear reducer for permeable brick machine

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  For pervious brick machine equipment, reducer is very important mechanical transmission device. There are many people who do not know what the function of the reducer is. The main function of the reducer is to improve the output torque while reducing the running speed. The proportion of the output torque is in accordance with the motor output speed reduction ratio.
  Reducer is widely used in many industries in China, such as metallurgy industry, coal industry, water conservancy industry, ship industry, engineering machinery industry and so on.
  Pervious to the use of brick equipment is one of them. Before the application in daily production, the installation of the reducer must be installed and used in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Here is how to install the speed reducer properly.
  Step 1
  Prepare and check the tools and parts required for installation and check all parts to avoid insufficient parts. At the same time, prepare the spare screws and spare parts, so as to avoid the failure of parts installation.
  Step 2
  Before installation, check carefully whether the motor and the reducer are in good condition, and strictly check whether the dimensions of all parts connected to the motor and the reducer match, including the positioning boss of the motor, the size of the input shaft and the groove of the reducer, and the matching tolerance.
  Step 3
  Screw down the screw on the outer dustproof hole of the reducer flange, adjust the clamping ring of PCS system to align its side hole with the dustproof hole, and insert the inner hexagon to tighten. After that, remove the motor shaft key.
  Step 4
  Connect the motor and the reducer naturally. When connecting, the reducer output shaft and the motor input shaft must be of the same concentricity, and both outer flanges are parallel. If the degree of concentricity is not consistent, may cause the motor shaft to break or reducer gear to wear.
  Step 5
  Before connecting the motor to the reducer, the motor shaft keyway should be perpendicular to the tightening bolt. To ensure uniform stress, screw the mounting bolts at any diagonal position first, but do not tighten them, then the mounting bolts at the other two diagonal positions, and then tighten the four mounting bolts one by one. Finally, screw the bolt.
  Step 6
  All the fastening bolts shall be fixed and checked with the torque plate finger. Proper installation between reducer and mechanical equipment similar to proper installation between reducer and driving motor. The key is to ensure that the output shaft of the reducer is consistent with the driving part.